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Bklyn Bakery pronounced Brooklyn Bakery is a 100% vegan bakery that uses organic, local, and seasonal ingredients. Our focus is to provide a variety of delicious vegan treats to the community; whether you’re vegan, have food allergies, and/or want to indulge in treats that are more sustainable and have cleaner ingredients. We pride ourselves on building a business that’s cruelty free and free from any animal products for the welfare of all animals in the meat and dairy industry.


 Bklyn Bakery is a homage to Keyana’s family roots which reside in Brooklyn, NY. Both of her parents and grandparents grew up in Brooklyn which inherently became part of her culture. New York has so much culture and diversity which has impacted herself and what she wants Bklyn Bakery to represent.


Keyana Bourne started Bklyn Bakery based on her passion for baking, sustainability, and animal welfare. Keyana is a self-taught baker who took the time over the years to test out many recipes and find alternatives in order to offer vegan treats that are delicious. She dreams of continuing to introduce a variety of vegan items to the community and breaking the stigma on vegan food.


Bklyn strives to use the best high quality ingredients for our products. We focus on baking with organic, local, and seasonal ingredients. From using organic flour from Lindley Mills in Graham,NC; to purchasing seasonal organic fruit from Happy Dirt based in Durham,NC. We also use quality organic vegan butter that is shipped in all the way from California! Bklyn will never use any ingredients that are artificial or contain preservatives. We pride ourselves on giving our customer delicious products with clean, cruelty free ingredients.

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